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6R The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Multiple Choice Final


1. Why were the Pevensie children sent to live with the Professor?

Pg. 3  air raids in London during WWII

2. After entering the forest for the first time, what did Lucy see when she looked back?

Pg.8  the open door and empty room

3. How did Edmund feel about Lucy telling Peter and Susan about Narnia?

Pg.44  sick and sulky

4. A wolf rushes up to tell the Witch that Maugrim has been killed. What does he want her to do?

Pg.135  battle for revenge

5. On their journey to see Aslan, where did the beavers and children stop for the night?

Pg.103-104  a cave

6. After entering the wardrobe, Lucy wandered through the forest. What did she come across?

Pg.9  a lamp-post

7. What was happening in camp when Peter, Susan, and Lucy woke up the morning after they arrived in camp?

Pg.138-139  Aslan was talking to Edmund

8. Which of the following were NOT titles found in Mr. Tumnus's library?

Pg.15  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

9. Which of the following will NOT happen to Mr. Tumnus if he disobeys the White Witch?

Pg.20  arms and legs broken

10. What happened when Lucy entered the wardrobe the second time?

Pg.27  Edmund followed her

11. What did Mr. Beaver say he had noticed about Edmund?

Pg.85  he had the look of one who had eaten the Witch's food

12. What did Edmund hear as he was looking around the forest?

Pg.30  sleigh bells

13. What woke the beavers and the children up from their deep sleep?

Pg.105  jingling bells

14. To what does Mr. Tumnus confess to Lucy?

Pg.19  he is a kidnapper for the White Witch

15. At their first meeting, what did the Queen do to prepare a drink for Edmund?

Pg.35-36 a drop of liquid from the bottle into the snow

16. Which of the following is NOT a boundary of the land of Narnia?

Pg.12  Fords of Beruna

17. Susan is worried when Aslan comes up to a stone giant. How does he respond?

Pg.169  "It's all right! Once the feet are put right, all the rest of him will follow

18. According to Aslan, why is he still alive after the Witch killed him?

Pg.163  Deeper Magic says that if a willing victim who is innocent is killed, the Death would be reversed

19. When Aslan reached the hilltop, the Witch had an army of her own waiting. What did she have them do to him?

Pg.151  tie him up

20. What did Lucy do after her first visit with Mr. Tumnus?

Pg.22  return to the wardrobe and the empty room

21. The Dwarf comes to Aslan's camp with a message. What is it?

Pg.140  the Witch wants to speak to Aslan

22. What did Lucy do as soon as she and Edmund returned to the Professor's house?

Pg.44  She told Peter and Susan that Edmund had been to Narnia too

23. After Aslan welcomes the beavers and the children, what does he ask?

Pg.128  Where is the fourth?

24. How did the White Witch react to Edmund's news about Aslan?

Pg.99  she told the Dwarf to get the sledge

25. At the lamp-post, Lucy sees a Faun coming towards her. What is he carrying? (more than one answer)
Pg.10   several parcels, an umbrella

26. At the Witch's castle, Aslan gives the creatures directions on how they will travel. What does he tell them.

Pg.174  the larger ones will carry the smaller ones

27. Why did the Pevensie children go into the Wardrobe room?

Pg.53  to hide from Mrs. Macready and the sightseers

28. The Queen seemed very interested in one part of Edmund's story. Which part was it?

Pg.37  he has one brother and two sisters

29. Once he was muzzled, where did they drag Aslan?

Pg.154  on top of the stone table

30. How does the Queen react when Edmund tells her how he arrived in Narnia?

Pg.35   she is worried about a door to his world

31. When Edmund found it, where did the White Witch's house set?

Pg.92  between two hills

32. Which of the following is NOT a name for the White Which?

Pg.58  Queen of Beruna

33. The Witch decides to dispose of Edmund in the woods instead of waiting until they reach the Stone Table. What happens before she has a chance?

Pg.137  Edmund is rescued by Aslan's army

34. At the Witch's castle, what did Aslan do to the stone creatures. What happened to them?

Pg.167  breathed on them; they returned to life.

35. After meeting at the lamp-post, which of these things did Mr. Tumnus offer to entice Lucy to come to his home? (more than one answer)

Pg.13  toast; sardines

36. Where does Mr. Tumnus live?

Pg.14  a cave in a large rock

37. What solution did Peter and Susan come up with to keep them warm on their adventure into Narnia?

Pg.55  they borrowed coats from the wardrobe

38. What was special about the Turkish Delight that the Queen offered to Edmund?

Pg.38  it was enchanted to make him want more

39. Which of the following were NOT titles found in Mr. Tumnus's library?

Pg.15   The Diary of Adam and Eve

40. Aslan has Lucy help with the wounded creatures, what does she do?

Pg.179  gives him a drop of her magic cordial



Answer the following questions:

1. Give 5 reasons why Aslan is important to the story. (Include 3 things Aslan does)


He is the king 

turns winter to spring upon his arrival

saves Edmund

revives the stone creatures

fights battle, kills the witch, saves Peter

crowns 4 Kings/Queens

Has great power



2.  Describe 5 changes that take place in Narnia. What it was and what it changes to. Include weather, kings, statues, etc.


 Always winter to spring to summer

ruled by the White Witch to ruled by the 4 Kings and Queens

Witch turns creatures to stone, Aslan restores them to creatures again

No Christmas to Father Christmas returns

Children become kings and queens

bad laws made good

children become adults