Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 1: Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe



air raids

attack by aircraft, especially against a non- military target such as a city


argument; quarrel; disagreement between two people


causing fear, disgust or uneasiness


a radio or a radio set without wires


protective metal or leather clothing worn in battle by soldiers


a large free-standing cupboard or closet where clothes are stored


mirror; any device whose surface reflects light and gives back a clear image of what is in front of it


small balls containing chemicals such as camphor to keep away moths


making or causing something to make a noisy, scrunching sound


strange or unusual; departing from the usual


eager for knowledge; curious about everything


a quick or incomplete look or sighting of somebody or something

pitter patter

a light, rapid and continuous tapping sound, such as raindrops


a scarf worn around the neck for warmth


a mythological creature depicted with the body of a man and the legs and horns of a goat


packages; things wrapped up together in paper or other packaging


Narnian Expressions


“We’ve fallen on our feet and no mistake.” p. 2 – another way of saying that the children are quite lucky to have been sent to the Professor’s home!

I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 1


A.  Read the following descriptions and write the correct word in the space provided from the list of words for Chapter 1.


1)      A device used to communicate news during the Second World War ___________________


2)      Commonly used article of clothing in winter climates to keep warm ___________________


3)      A place used to store one’s clothes or other belongings ___________________


4)      A chemical used to protect clothing from moths ___________________


5)      A mythical creature with the body of a man and the legs, horns, and legs of a goat ___________________


6)      Something that is extremely unusual ___________________


7)      When two people get in an argument ___________________


8)      “Too much curiosity killed the cat” ___________________




B.  Read the following short passage and fill in the blanks with the word/s that make           the most sense based on the context of the story.


1)      The Pevensie children have been sent out of London because of the ____________ and their parents’ fear that they might be killed.


2)      Lucy is an extremely ____________ girl who discovers a magical ____________. 


3)      While she is exploring, she steps on some __________________ that make a crunching sound and have a rather peculiar odor.


4)      After Lucy finds herself in another world, she is surprised to meet a rather ___________ fellow named Mr. Tumnus who wears a bright red __________ around his neck to keep warm.


5)      Mr. Tumnus is a _______________, a rather unusual looking creature, who carries an umbrella and several __________________ wrapped in plain brown paper.



C.  Comprehension – Based on what you’ve just read, who do you think said the      following?


1)      “Who are you to say when I’m to go to bed?” ___________________


2)      “This is going to be perfectly splendid.” ___________________


3)      “Do stop grumbling, Ed.” ___________________


4)      “I can always get back if something goes wrong.” ___________________


D.  Which Pevensie child do you think would best fit the following description?         Write the name in the space.


1)      The peace maker: ___________________

2)      The trouble maker: ___________________

3)      The sensitive one: ___________________

4)      The curious one: ___________________


E.  True or False?  Read the following statements. If the statement is true, write ‘true’ in    the blank; if false, correct the statement so it is true.


1)      The Pevensie children were sent from London because their parents were killed in an air raid. ___________________


2)      At first, Lucy felt overwhelmed by the Professor’s house and a little frightened. ___________________


3)      The children decided to explore the house because the housekeeper was extremely rude to them. ___________________


4)      When Lucy discovered herself in Narnia, she was frightened and decided to return for her brothers and sister. ___________________


5)      Mr. Tumnus was a kindly faun who befriended Lucy. ___________________