Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 7 – A Day with the Beavers




small song bird; often seen as an indication that spring is coming


to escape the notice of; avoiding


object used as a symbol representing something else


decorations such as ribbons, flowers or leaves, hanging between two points


a sound like whirring or humming


threat or advice that something bad might happen


rough or harsh-sounding voice


like Kleenex but made of cloth


invited by means of hand signs to follow someone


something of little importance or value


thin cord of twisted fibers used in sewing and weaving


going up or down at a sharp angle


barrier of concrete or earth built across a river or stream to control the flow of water


water frozen in the act of falling


a structure or home for a colony of bees


beds often stacked on top of each other to save space


hand tools used for digging


type of freshwater fish good for eating


metal pot used for cooking or heating water for tea

sewing machine

machine used to make clothing

strain of music

brief musical tune


coats treated with oil so as to keep out water


stove; something to cook on


jam made with pieces of fresh fruit

I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 7


A.  Fill in the blanks from the vocabulary words used in this chapter. Use the context           of the story to help you determine which word to use.


1)      After discovering that Mr. Tumnus had been arrested, the children weren’t sure what to do, but then Lucy saw a ________________ that seemed to want the children to follow her.


2)      The children were led into the woods and then saw what looked like a beaver __________________ between the trees.  The beaver held up his paw in a ________________ signal for the children to be quiet and ______________ them to follow him.


3)      Although the children were a little frightened, the beaver showed them Lucy’s _____________________ as a _________________ that he could be trusted. So the children decided to follow the beaver.


4)      Mr. Beaver led the children on a journey through the woods to the _____________ he had built. When the children saw smoke coming out of the chimney, they were relieved because they were tired and hungry.


5)      Mr. Beaver’s dam was very different from Mr. Tumnus’ cave.  There were __________________ coats and gumboots along one wall, ______________ beds, a large __________________ full of water sitting on the ______________ for tea, and strangest of all, Mrs. Beaver was sitting in front of a ___________________ machine that was making a ______________________ noise!



B.  If the underlined word is used correctly in the sentence, write “correct.” If not,   rework the sentence by writing a word in the space that makes sense in the      context of the story.


1)      There were festoons of ice decorating Mr. and Mrs. Beaver’s house. ___________


2)      When Susan praised Mr. Beaver’s work on his dam, he told them his work was a mere token. ____________________

3)      We know that Mr. Beaver is humble because he tells the children his work is a mere trifle. ____________________


4)      If you live in a very cold and wintry climate, it is a good idea to have a silk coat to protect you from the cold. ____________________



C.  True or False:  Read each statement and write the word ‘true’ in the blank if it is           a true statement and ‘false’ if it is not. Correct each false statement.


1)      Susan is the “brave” sister. ______________________



2)      Edmund felt it was a good decision to trust Mr. Beaver. _____________________



3)      Susan shows how well she understands people when she praises Mr. Beaver’s dam. ______________________

4)      When the children first saw Mr. Beaver’s dam they were disappointed. ____________


5)      As the children drew closer to Mr. Beaver’s home, Edmund seemed to be less interested in being the “King” of Narnia and more interested in finding Mr. Tumnus. ________________


6)      Mrs. Beaver was sewing when the children entered the cave. _________________



7)      While Mrs. Beaver prepared dinner, Mr. Beaver took the children fishing. ____________



8)      Dinner was a wonderful moment and, for dessert, there was a fresh sticky marmalade roll. __________________



9)      Mr. Beaver was upset that it was snowing because he was afraid the children might catch cold. ________________



10)  The children would have enjoyed the meal more had they not been served fish. _________________