Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 10 – The Spell Begins to Break




worrying over details or small, unimportant things


patiently endure; in the negative – to find something unbearable or unacceptable


messing around with;  playing with something in a careless way


annoying; troublesome


stale; musty-smelling


move quickly and urgently


short blowing; out of breath


to make a spitting or choking sound; say something that can’t be understood


prickly shrub or bush

sluice gate

gate across a stream that controls the flow of water


lacking joy or humor; serious


piece of armor carried on the arm for protection against flying weapons


handle of a sword, knife or dagger


case for the blade of a knife or sword


long narrow case for holding arrows.

ivory the hard white substance that the tusks of elephants and walrus are made of


a special drink with healing qualities in it



I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 10


A.  Fill in the blanks from the vocabulary words used in this chapter. Use the context of the story to help you decide which word to use.


1)      Susan couldn’t __________________ the way Mrs. Beaver seemed to take her time!  Mrs. Beaver was ___________________ and ________________about trying to decide what they should take with them when all the children and Mr. Beaver wanted to do was to get on their way!


2)      After walking and walking for hours, they reached a small, safe cave and __________________ together to keep out the cold.  Mrs. Beaver gave them a ____________________ of something warm to drink and though they ____________________ a little and it stung their throats, they were soon fast asleep.


3)      Imagine how frightened they were when, early the next morning, they heard the sound of bells for, of course, they thought they had been discovered by the White Witch!  Mr. Beaver __________________ out of the cave quickly and what a surprise when he returned and told them to come quickly and meet someone very special.


4)      The children could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Father Christmas waiting for them.  Each child received a gift; for Susan there was a ____________ full of arrows and a beautiful _______________ horn to blow in case she was in trouble.


5)      Lucy received a ____________________ made of the juice of fire-flowers and a dagger to defend herself.


6)      Last but not least, Father Christmas bestowed a _______________ and a sword upon Peter.  The ____________ of the sword was made of pure gold and Peter accepted the gift with great seriousness for he felt the burden placed upon him.


B.  Multiple Choice – Read each statement, then select the best possible answer based on the context of the story.  Circled the letter of your answer.


                 1)  Why was Susan upset with Mrs. Beaver?                                   

a)      She felt she was taking too much time to get ready to leave.

b)      She felt Mrs. Beaver was being rude.

c)      She was upset that Mrs. Beaver seemed to dislike Edmund.

d)      She was tired and didn’t want to leave.


      2)  What item did Mrs. Beaver decide not to take with them on their journey?

a)      handkerchiefs

b)      tea

c)      sugar

d)      sewing machine


3)  Why does Susan believe there is no ‘hope’ of escape?                                      
|            a)  Aslan doesn’t understand that Edmund has betrayed them.

      b)  Susan hears the sound of bells.

      c)  Mrs. Beaver is taking a long time to get ready.

d)  Mrs. Beaver says they won’t be able to get to the Stone Table before her.


4)  Where did Mr. Beaver lead the children?

a)  Directly towards the Stone Table

b)  to Cair Paravel

c)  to a safe cave hidden in the forest

d)  to a friend’s cave


5)  What did Mrs. Beaver provide for the children after they found safety?

      a)  pillows

      b)  a drink to help them sleep

      c)  warm blankets

      d)  a nice snack of sugar cakes





6)  What sound woke the children, convinced them that the White Witch had found them?

a)  the sound of a horn

b)  the sound of horses pulling a sledge

c)  the sound of bells

d)  the sound of music


7)  How did Father Christmas appear to the children?        

      a)  very solemn and serious

      b)  fat and jolly just like they imagined him

      c)  like a big dwarf

d)  like a very old man


8)  What gift did Father Christmas plan to give to Mrs. Beaver?

      a)  a new tea set

      b)  an oven that would always bake fresh bread

      c)  a new apron

      d)  a new sewing machine


9)  How will Susan’s ivory horn help her?

      a)  It will help her heal the wounded.

      b)  It will help her defend herself.

      c)  It will sound an alarm if she is in danger.

      d)  It will change into a bow and arrow when she is in danger.


 10)  What did Lucy receive from Father Christmas?

a)  a warm sweater                              

b)  a pair of snow boots

c)  a cordial and a dagger to defend herself

d)  a magic wand