Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 11 – Aslan is Nearer





to repel; make someone feel dislike or disgust


no longer fresh 


a particular odor or smell


sound made by a sled moving across a snowy surface


small, common animals or insects that are pests to human or other animals

plum pudding

type of pudding made from plums, commonly served at Christmas in England


happiness; eagerness; excitement


eating and drinking to excess, or too much

self indulgence

pleasing oneself, usually to excess


condensed water vapor that makes seeing difficult


melt; as in the melting of snow in springtime


snow or ice that has begun to melt


standing out; contrast of color

Councillor (old Brit. spelling)

advisor; someone who gives advice often to people in power


used to strike a person or animal as punishment


beams of light


an open area of wood or forest without trees or bushes


a short high pitched sound made by a bird


to land; to settle after a flight




Narnian Expressions


Whipped Up – To get worked up and excited, as in “The dwarf whipped up the reindeer.”


Shake it offAn expression that means to get rid of something, as in “Shake off the snow”; can also refer to shaking off a feeling like depression or frustration.


Robes of snowMetaphor comparing the covering of snow on the trees to the way in which a robe covers a person.



I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 11


A.  Fill in the blank with the missing word that best completes the meaning of the sentence.  Use the story context for clues.


1)      After Edmund’s arrival the White Witch lost no time.  She ___________________ her reindeer and they took off in her __________________ at once.


2)      Edmund was feeling very depressed because all he’d had to eat was ___________ bread that tasted awful and a little water. He regretted his ___________________ and _____________________ because he’d begun to realize that all the Turkish Delight in the world and being made King of Narnia wouldn’t mean anything if it were to cost the lives of his brother and sisters.


3)      The race through the night in the White Witch’s sledge was a nightmare for Edmund who was freezing from the cold.  When the White Witch drew up alongside a party of animals all the _________________ left their faces! 


4)      Poor Edmund!!  He was so hungry and he was sure he saw a _________________  and other wonderful things to eat that reminded him very much of Christmas. How he wanted to get down from the sledge and join them, but just at the moment when Edmund might have tried to escape, the White Witch raised her magic wand and turned them all to stone.


5)      Edmund was terrified especially when the White Witch smacked him across the face. But soon it began to grow warmer and suddenly it was quite _____________ and difficult to see.  The snow was beginning to _____________ and turn to slush. The White Witch was furious.


6)      Soon after, Edmund could see __________________ of sunlight and hear the __________________ of birds as they ____________________ on the trees. There was the sound of running water, and everywhere he looked he could see

the signs of spring.


C.  Comprehension: True or False?  If the statement is true, write “true” in the space; if false, write “false”, then correct the sentence so that it is true.


1)      When Edmund asked for something to eat, the White Witch gave him more Turkish Delight. _______________


2)      The Queen sent Maugrim to the Beavers’ home with instructions to capture anyone there. _______________


3)      By the time the wolves reached the Beavers’ home, the scent was cold, and they were unable to follow the beavers and the children. _______________


4)      Edmund tried to comfort himself by trying to believe that what was happening was nothing more than a bad dream. _______________


5)      When the White Witch and Edmund passed a group of animals celebrating in the forest, they passed by without stopping. _______________


6)      Edmund tried unsuccessfully to stop the White Witch from turning the animals into stone. _______________


7)      When Edmund realized that spring was coming, he felt depressed and wished he’d listened to Peter and the others. _______________


8)      It is the dwarf who points out that spring has truly arrived and that the Witch’s power is being destroyed. _______________