Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 12 – Peter’s First Battle




a dense or tangled growth of trees or bushes


painful swelling just under the skin


spreading green, non-flowering plant that grows in moist shady places


large tent or other temporary building used for shelter or entertainment


A forbidding or stern appearance

tent pegs

small pieces of metal, plastic or wood used to secure a tent


dentine; a hard cream-colored substance that forms the tusks of animals such as elephants


shy; uncomfortable; embarrassed


uneasy, restless, nervous movements


standing on one hind foot with one foreleg raised above the other and the head in profile


exposed; uncovered


Narnian Expressions


“Let the prince win his spurs!” – Said by Aslan as the first battle begins; the spurs are symbolic of the right to control or lead.


“Sir Peter Wolf’s-Bane” – The name Peter is given by Aslan after killing the wolf


I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 12


A.  Read the following sentences and then fill in the blanks with the missing words.  Use the context of the sentence to determine the correct answer.


1)      When Susan was walking through the woods, her ankle began to hurt and she wasn’t surprised to see a _____________________ forming.

2)      As the children walked through green __________________ it was obvious that that winter was giving way to spring.

3)      When the children first saw the Stone Table in the middle of the open glade, they were surprised that it was simply a _________________ piece of stone but were aware that it must have special significance.

4)      The pavilion sparkled in the sun and the banner with the picture of the ________________ lion dominated the scene.

5)      At first the children felt shy and _______________________ and were afraid to approach Aslan, but when they greeted him their __________________ died quickly, and they were happy to stand quietly and wait for him to address them.



B.  Comprehension – Based on what has happened in the story so far, complete the first part of each sentence below with the part you feel best completes the meaning of the sentence from the choices given below. WRITE the second  part of the sentence in the space provided.


 he felt he might be sick.

he was just able to plunge his knife into its heart.

something had gone badly wrong with the Witch’s schemes.

they couldn’t look at him.

Aslan knights him.

he felt it looked like a great star resting on the seashore.

to save Edmund.

that he looked sad as well.


1)      Aslan sent the centaurs and other creatures…________________________________ .


2)      Because of the thaw, the children realized…________________________________ .


3)      When the children first glimpsed Aslan they found… __________________________

________________________________________________ .


4)      The children could tell that, though Aslan looked at peace, … ___________________

________________________________ .


5)      After Peter kills the wolf... ______________________________________________ .


6)      When Peter first glimpsed Cair Paravel…___________________________________

____________________________________________________________________ .


7)      When Peter saw Susan being attacked by a wolf... ____________________________

____________________________________________________________________ .


8)      Peter was unable to think at all; in fact…____________________________________

____________________________________________________________________ .