Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 13 – Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time



tree stump

part of the tree left after trunk and limbs are cut off


to shiver or tremble without trying


squat down on the balls of the feet with knees bent and body hunched over


moisture from the air that condenses as tiny drops on surfaces

safe conduct

protection given someone passing through an area occupied by an enemy force


a superior or favorable position in relation to somebody or something.


question or doubt the validity of something; to disagree


someone who behaves in a disloyal or double-crossing way


misdeed; break an accepted moral or social standard


carved or etched on a hard surface with a design or lettering


ceremonial staff or rod used as a power of authority


prize taken by an enemy in war that  rightfully is theirs


loss of something because of not fulfilling a legal debt or obligation


be destroyed or ruined


given up a claim, title, position or right


demand something officially that someone else has a right to or owns


muttered complaint; grumbling



Narnian Expressions


Emperor’s Magic – The “Emperor” refers to the ‘creator’ of the land of Narnia


Deep Magic – The magic put into Narnia at its creation which guarantees that every traitor belongs to the powers of evil (under the control of the White Witch). The price of treachery is death at the hands of the White Witch.


I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 13


     A.  Fill in the blank with the missing word that best completes the meaning of the      sentence.  Use the story context for clues.


1)      To satisfy the Deep Magic, it is necessary to ___________________ Edmund’s life.  The White Witch has a legal ___________________ to his blood because he is a ________________________.


2)      Unless Aslan is able to get the White Witch to _________________ her claim to his life, Edmund will be put to death.


3)      Although Edmund has created a grave __________________ against his brother and sisters and against all that is good in Narnia, Susan pleads for his life.




     B.  Comprehension – Short Answer

     After reading each question, write the answer in the space provided.


1)      What did the White Witch mean when she said that if only three of the thrones were filled, it wouldn’t complete the prophecy?





2)      When the White Witch heard what had happened to Maugrim, what did she instruct the other wolf to do?





3)      What happened just when Edmund was convinced that he would die at the hands of the White Witch?





4)      What actually were the stump and the boulder?




5)      What happened to the Witch’s magic wand in all the confusion?




6)      What was the message delivered to Aslan by the leopard?





7)      What was the price for being a traitor in Narnia?




8)      What would happen to Narnia if the rules that govern the Deep Magic were not fulfilled?



9)      What was the result of the Witch’s conversation with Aslan?





          10)  Why do you think Aslan roared when the White Witch asked him how she could be sure that he would keep his promise?