Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 14 – The Triumph of the Witch




organized series of actions designed to accomplish a specific goal


prolonged military effort to surround a place and cut off from all outside access in order to force a surrender


to attack, as in war


to stir up someone from sleep or rest


search for something blindly or uncertainly


expressive of severe pain, grief or regret


tie something securely by winding a cord around it to hold it in place


to speak quickly without making sense


cutting hair with a razor or scissors


scissors; device used to cut hair or fleece


to crouch down


device strapped over the nose and jaws of an animal to prevent it from opening its mouth


noisy, unruly crowd of people; mob


raise or lift something up into position


to sharpen the cutting edge of a blade, usually by rubbing it on a stone


agreement made between two or more individuals or groups


to bring about a state of peace, especially by giving in to demands



I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 14


A.  Fill in the blank with the missing word that best completes the meaning of the     sentence.  Use the story context for clues.


1)      In order to prepare for their ______________________ against the White Witch, Aslan spoke long with Peter, preparing him for a possible _________________ against the Witch’s palace.


2)      Peter was uncomfortable when he realized that whatever ______________ Aslan had made with the White Witch might make it impossible for Aslan to be with him during the final _______________ on the White Witch and her evil minions.


3)      Later that evening, Susan and Lucy were unable to sleep and, in the dead of night, they ___________________ their way blindly out of the tent in search of Aslan.


4)      When they arrived at their destination, Aslan bid the girls farewell, and they both began to cry __________________ for they were certain something awful was going to happen.


5)      The girls _______________ in the shadows behind some trees as the evil minions

of darkness ________________ the great Aslan with rope, put a ______________ over his beautiful jaws, and then ___________________ off his luxurious mane. 


6)      When all was ready, Aslan was ___________________ onto the Stone Table and the White Witch began to _________________ her knife to make sure it would be sharp enough to kill the once proud lion.


7)      The __________________ of evil creatures made fun of Aslan, calling him names in an effort to humiliate him, but he met their cruelty with dignity as the White Witch plunged her knife into his heart.



B.  Comprehension – Multiple Choice 

Read each question or statement, then select the best answer from the choices provided.  Circle the letter of your answer.


1)      How many plans of battle did Aslan suggest Peter should prepare?

a)      four

b)      two

c)      six

d)      one


2)      How would you describe Aslan’s mood on the way to the Fords of Beruna?

a)      depressed

b)      confident

c)      bitter

d)      angry


3)      Why couldn’t Lucy and Susan sleep?

a)      They were worried about Edmund.

b)      They were excited about the battle to come.

c)      They were afraid.

d)      They were anxious about Aslan.


4)      What does Aslan ask the girls to do as they accompany him?

a)      Bury their cold hands in his fur

b)      Not talk

c)      Sing a song with him

d)      Pray for him


5)      As Aslan moved towards the Stone Table, the Witch told her creatures to:

a)      make fun of him.

b)      throw chips of burning wood at him

c)      bind him tight

d)      hit him with their fists



6)      Why did the Witch insist that Aslan be shaved?

a)      She was afraid that Aslan’s mane would get in the way of her knife.

b)      She thought that perhaps Aslan might betray his word and hide a weapon in his mane.

c)      She planned to take the fur and make a cloak for herself.

d)      She wanted to humiliate and embarrass him by taking away the mane that made him seem so powerful.


7)      After Aslan was bound and muzzled, the rabble:

a)      still appeared to be terrified of him.

b)      began to jeer at him and call him names.

c)      started to throw sticks and stones at him.

d)      began to sing and dance.


8)      After Aslan was hoisted to the top of the Table, the Witch:

a)      began to say a magic spell.

b)      poured hot oil on him.

c)      began to whet her knife.

d)      jumped on him and kicked him in the face.


9)      Right before she plunged the knife into Aslan’s heart, the Witch:

a)      called upon the forces of evil to guide her hand.

b)      raised her arms to the sky and called on the Emperor of Narnia to witness her triumph.

c)      spit into Aslan’s face.

d)      Yelled at Aslan that she has triumphed and now will kill Edmund and the others.


10)   At the moment of his death, Aslan appeared:

a)      neither angry nor afraid but a little sad.

b)      frightened.

c)      full of hopelessness.

d)      joyful.