Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 16 – What Happened about the Statues




move quickly and energetically


quick sweeping or whipping motion


great in amount, size or extent; enormous


dark grayish-blue color


the feathers covering a bird’s body


sound a donkey makes: harsh high-pitched, grating voice


developing or advancing by slow but sure degrees


to keep something hidden; prevent it from being known


underground prison cell; usually beneath a castle


searching and examining very thoroughly and carefully


to release someone or a group; to set free


to move like a wave with a sudden rush in a particular direction


yell out or up at


broken stones, bricks and other materials from buildings that have been destroyed


unshapely form; spoiled; disfigured; hideous looking


loud, harsh, continuing noise


Narnian Expressions


“Gave a bay” – make a sound like a dog to guide people in a particular direction.


“English fox hunt” – a tradition in England where a fox is let loose and then chased by dogs and horsemen


I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 16


A.  Fill in the blank with the missing word that best completes the meaning of the     sentence.  Use the story context for clues.


1)      In order to return the statues into human form, Aslan ________________ on them.  This action ________________ them from the magic of the White Witch and returned them to life.


2)      As the statues returned to life, Aslan sent them to look in the deep _____________ of the Witch’s palace where he believed she would have __________________  even more statues.


3)      The newly liberated statues ________________ toward the palace in a huge wave, and searched for others who had been turned to stone.


4)      The most impressive statue was that of a stone lion who gave a _______________ yawn after Aslan brought him back to life and began to jump and leap playfully in the yard.


B.  Comprehension – True or False 

Read the following statements. If the statement is true, write “true” in the space provided; if false, correct the statement so it is true.


1)      There was such chaos in the courtyard that the dryads and nymphs fled to the forest. ________________


2)      To return the statues to life, Aslan only needed to touch them with his paw. ________________


3)      As the statues returned to life, there was great joy and excitement. ____________


4)      Lucy discovered the statue of Mr. Tumnus. ________________


5)      All giants are as good tempered as Rumblebuffin. ________________


6)      Aslan opened the front gate by using his magic. ________________


7)      Lucy gave her handkerchief to Rumblebuffin because he had a cold. ___________


8)      The newly liberated statues were set free and returned to their homes. __________



9)      Peter’s army was greatly outnumbered when they arrived, and Peter was fighting with the White Witch. ________________


          10)  Peter would have lost the battle had Aslan not killed the White Witch. __________