Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 17 – The Hunting of the White Stag




plants such as kelp that grow in the sea


large web-footed white and gray sea birds with yellow beaks


a lively celebration involving eating, drinking, dancing and merrymaking


an intense quality of sound


a small part of something left over after the rest is gone; survivors


a hunted animal or bird


something that inspires awe, amazement or admiration


a feeling that something bad is going to happen


the meaning of something such as a thing, word or event


adult male deer



I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 17


A.  Fill in the blank with the missing word that best completes the meaning of the sentence.  Use the story context for clues.


1)      After the final battle, the children travel to Cair Paravel where they are crowned kings and queens with much _____________________ and lived happily near the sea where they were accompanied by the ________________ sounds of the _________________ that flew over the castle.


2)      Susan, Lucy, Peter and Edmund ruled Narnia for many years. One day they were told that a magical White Stag had been seen. So the now adult kings and queens set forth to hunt their ___________________, for they knew that the White Stag would grant wishes.


3)      After a long hunt, Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund saw something very strange – an iron post with a lamp on top. But though it seemed familiar, they couldn’t figure out the ______________________ of the object.

4)      It was with a sense of __________________ that they determined to continue hunting the White Stag, but they were full of enthusiasm and looked forward to a possible adventure.




      B.  Comprehension – Short Answer

Read each question and write an appropriate answer.


1)      How did Edmund help win the final battle?



2)      How does Lucy restore Edmund and save his life?



3)      When Lucy returns to him, how does Edmund appear to her?



4)      Why do you think Lucy wants Edmund to know what Aslan did for him?



5)      What did Aslan provide for the tired and hungry warriors who had fought in the battle?



6)      Where did Aslan lead them the day after the battle was won?



7)      What did Mr. Beaver warn the children about Aslan?



8)      How do the royal names the children were given reveal their characters?

a)      King Peter the Magnificent?



b)      Queen Susan the Gentle?



c)      King Edmund the Just?



d)      Queen Lucy the Valiant?



 9)   List what the Kings and Queens accomplished in Narnia after their coronation.








10)  Why did Susan, Peter, Lucy and Edmund set out to hunt the White Stag?




11)  What is it that Lucy tells the others she thinks will happen if they pass the iron lantern?




12)  What does Susan advise the others to do?




13)   In the end, what do they decide to do?




14)  When the children find themselves back at the Professor’s house, what is so strange there?




15)  What advice does the Professor give the children if they want to return to Narnia?