Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 2: What Lucy Found There



Daughter of Eve

refers to a human girl child

Son of Adam

refers to a human boy child


small, salty fish many find delicious

English tea

English custom of afternoon refreshments; served with small sandwiches and cakes


mythical creatures that live in trees, harming no one


woodland deity; companion of Dionysius with a horse’s ears and tail


mythical creatures that live in wells, harming no one


Greek God of Wine


joyful celebration


barely; just as described


to give someone a false sense of security so that an unpleasant situation takes the person by surprise

Spare Oom

location of the room where the wardrobe is located


imaginary country found by passing through a magical wardrobe

Cair Paravel

Capital of Narnia where the empty thrones  await four ‘human’ children to claim them.

War Drobe

doorway into Narnia through the wardrobe



I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 2


     A.  Read the following descriptions, Write the correct word in the space provided from the list of words for Chapter 2.


1)      The God of Wine ___________________

2)      Four thrones sit there vacant ___________________

3)      A synonym for celebration ___________________

4)      Mythical creatures that live in trees ___________________

5)      The doorway into Narnia ___________________

6)      A special event that often takes place around 4:00 p.m. in England ____________

7)      Small fish ___________________

8)      A word that means scarcely, barely___________________

9)      Room where the magical wardrobe is located ___________________

          10)   Mythical creatures that live in wells ___________________


B.     Fill in the blank with the missing word(s) that best completes the meaning of the sentence.  Use the story context for clues.


1)      Mr. Tumnus is a ___________________ who Lucy meets in ______________, a country Lucy discovers when she opens the door of the __________________ and decides to explore. It is always ___________________ in Narnia but never Christmas.


2)      At first, Lucy believes Mr. Tumnus is perfectly wonderful for he invites her to __________________and serves her ___________________ on toast and a sugar topped cake.  He also tells her about the ___________________ who live in wells and the ___________________ who live in trees and how the rivers would run with wine when ___________________ used to visit.


3)      But when it is time for Lucy to leave, Mr. Tumnus tells her that he is in the pay

      of the ___________________and had been planning to turn Lucy over to “Her”.



C.  Multiple Choice – Read each question. Then select the best answer from the      choices given.  Circle the letter of your answer.


1)  Why does Mr. Tumnus call Lucy a “Daughter of Eve”?

a)      He thinks he knows her mother, Eve.

b)      The White Witch told him her mother’s name would be Eve.

c)      She is a human child.

d)      He thinks it’s a pretty name.


2)  How many vacant thrones are there at Cair Paravel?

a)      four                              c)  two

b)      six                                d)  one


3)  What one thing does Mr. Tumnus not offer Lucy?

a)      Brown egg

b)      Sardines on toast

c)      Sugar topped cake

d)      Candy




4)  What can we conclude about Mr. Tumnus based on the objects in his cave?

a)      He is extremely poor.

b)      He is uneducated.

c)      He loves to read.

d)      He hates music.


5)  How does Mr. Tumnus entertain Lucy?

a)      He danced for her.

b)      He told her stories about what Narnia was like before the Witch.

c)      He provided dinner.

d)      He read aloud to her.


6)  Why does Mr. Tumnus start to cry?

a)      He was very tired and didn’t want to have to show Lucy the way home.

b)      He knew he had to turn Lucy over to the Witch.

c)      He was cutting onions.

d)      The stories about Narnia before the Witch made him sad.


7)  What is it that Mr. Tumnus agrees to do if he finds a Son or Daughter of Eve?

a)      Turn him/her over to the White Witch

b)      Make him/her promise to return to Narnia

c)      Follow him/her and make sure the passage to Narnia is blocked forever

d)      Kill him/her immediately




8)  What will NOT happen to Mr. Tumnus if he allows Lucy to return home?

a)      The Witch will turn him into stone.

b)      The Witch will saw off his horns.

c)      The Witch will pluck out his beard.

d)      The Witch will reward him.


9)  What does Lucy give to Mr. Tumnus?

a)      Her necklace

b)      Her handkerchief

c)      Her promise to return to Narnia and bring her brothers and sister

d)      A map showing him how to enter her world


10)  What does Mr. Tumnus ask of Lucy before they part?

a)      To return soon

b)      To tell his brothers and sister all about Narnia

c)      To forgive him

d)      To never forget him