Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 3: Edmund and the Wardrobe




to pout; to have a bad attitude


to cover with metal, usually gold or silver


sled; vehicle used to travel over snow


strict; rigid; unyielding

champing at their bits

impatient to get moving


gear strapped on an animal to control it


small but very strong ponies from Scotland


mythical beings; usually portrayed as very short with long beards who worked in mines digging for precious metals



I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 3

 A.  Read the following descriptions. Write the correct word in the space provided from the list of words for Chapter 3.


1)      A type of horse but much smaller in size _________________________

2)      A device used to travel over snow _________________________

3)      Covered in a brightly shining metal like gold _________________________

4)      Pouting, upset, not talking _________________________

5)      Strict, not smiling, without joy_________________________

6)      A device used to help people control animals _______________________

7)      Dig deep in mines, small people but very strong ________________________

8)      Energetic, ready to go _________________________







B.  Read the following short passages and fill in the blanks with the vocabulary  word(s) that make the most sense based on the context of the story.


1)      The small red ____________ stood holding the reindeer who were _____________ at the bits, eager to continue their journey.


2)      Although Edmund was _________________ because he couldn’t find Lucy, he was amazed by the tall, elegant woman riding in her _____________________ and somewhat frightened by her ___________________expression.


3)      The reindeer, dressed in scarlet ______________________were almost the size of a ____________________ pony, and their horns were so long and beautiful they looked like they were _______________________ with gold when the sunlight hit them. No wonder Edmund was amazed and speechless at his first sight of the White Witch!


B.     True or False – Read the statement, then decide if it is true or false. If it is true, write ‘true’ in the blank space; if false, rewrite the statement to make it true.


1)      When Lucy returned from Narnia, very little time had passed at the Professor’s. _____________


2)      Peter doesn’t believe Lucy and calls her a liar. _____________


3)      When Lucy returns to the wardrobe to show the others the way to Narnia, it’s not magical at all, so no one believes Lucy’s story. _______________


4)      Lucy refused to change her story because she knew she was right. _____________


5)      Edmund is the only one who sympathizes with Lucy. _____________________


6)      Edmund follows Lucy into the wardrobe when they play hide and seek and suddenly finds himself in Narnia. ______________


7)      When Edmund calls out an apology to Lucy, she refuses to answer him because she is sulking. ___________________


8)      The White Witch calls herself the Queen of Narnia. _______________________


9)      The White Witch arrives in a red sledge pulled by reindeer. __________________


10)  The White Witch was pleased to see Edmund and spoke to him kindly. _________