Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 4 – Turkish Delight



Turkish Delight

type of very sweet candy


able to wait without becoming annoyed or upset


lands owned by a ruler


something used to cover something else


sound like that made by a snake


whipped or creamy


type of very fine fabric


controlled by magic


servants; people who wait on others in a royal court


to go after and bring back

shovel down

expression referring to eating food very quickly


respond abruptly; rude or sharp reply



I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 4


A.  Read the following descriptions, and write the correct word in the space provided  from the list of words for Chapter 4.


1)      A type of very expensive fabric used to make fine quality clothes ________________

2)      Bearing trials calmly or without complaining _________________

3)      An expression to describe someone who is gobbling his/her food ______________

4)      Under the control of a magic spell _________________________

5)      A type of gummy candy dusted with sugar _____________________

6)      People who wait on others _________________

7)      An antonym for patient _________________

8)      To go get and bring something _________________

9)      Type of cloak or warm blanket _________________

10)  Territory belonging to a ruler _________________






B.  Read the following short passages. Fill in the blanks with the word(s) that make             the most sense based on the context of the story.


1)      When Edmund met the White Witch, it was obvious she didn’t possess much __________________ because she quickly became angry with him.


2)      Edmund discovered he was speaking with the Queen of Narnia when she told him he had entered her _________________.


3)      A queen is waited upon by her _________________ who __________________ her everything she desires.


C.  Short Answer – Read the following questions. Answer them based on what you have read in the story.


1)      The White Queen asks Edmund if he is a what?


2)      Why do you think the Queen changes her mind and is suddenly nice to Edmund?


3)      What happens when the Queen takes a very small bottle and lets a drop fall from the bottle onto the snow?




4)      What did Edmund tell the White Witch about Lucy?



5)      Why do you think she treated Edmund to the Turkish Delight?



6)      What does she ask Edmund to do?



7)      What does she promise Edmund if he does what she asks?



8)      How is Edmund to find his way to the White Queen’s castle when he returns?



9)      What does the White Queen tell Edmund to say to his brother and sisters about his meeting with her? Why?





           10)  How does Lucy describe the White Witch to Edmund?



           11)  What is revealed about Lucy’s character when she says, “the others will have to believe in Narnia now that both of us have been there.”?






           12)  Does Edmund look forward to telling the others about his trip to Narnia?  Why or  why not?