Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 6 – Into the Forest




small balls of insect repellent to protect clothes against moths


yank; twist off


burn; destroy by fire


appropriate: acceptable


people who are overly confident in their opinions or manner


ceramic; items made of clay


sure of oneself; confident


torn off strips


hang out with


deadly or harmful substance


continue on again


small butterfly-like insect that eat clothes


betray; to deceive; deliver information or people to an enemy



Narnian Expressions: For each of the expressions below, reread the passage in which it appears.  Then write what you think the expression means.


“By Jove!” _________________________________________________________________

“Bagged a coat” _____________________________________________________________

“Pretty good washout” ________________________________________________________

“Get ups” __________________________________________________________________


I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 6


A.  Fill in the blanks from the vocabulary words used in this chapter. Use the context of the story to help you determine which word to use.


1)      Edmund calls the others _________________ because they discover he lied about having been in Narnia.  Edmund feels they are very ____________________ when they decide that Mr. Tumnus is the “good” character and the Queen is the “evil” character just because Mr. Tumnus saved Lucy.


2)      After discovering that Mr. Tumnus has been arrested for _____________ and all of his beautiful belongings destroyed, the children feel it is only ______________ for them to try and help Mr. Tumnus.



B.  Read the following sentences. Fill in the blank with the vocabulary word which best fits the meaning of the sentence.


1)      We should be careful with whom we ____________________ because often we behave just like our friends.

2)      When the children discover Mr. Tumnus’ house, the _________________ has been shattered to pieces, and all there is to see are the remains of what was once

a beautiful home.

3)      Peter calls Edmund a _______________________ little beast because he made it seem like Lucy was lying.

4)      When entering the wardrobe, the children smell _____________________, a chemical used to keep moths from eating the clothing.



C.  True or False:  Read each statement and write the word “true” in the blank if it is a true statement and “false” if it is not. Correct each false statement.


1)      When the children find themselves in Narnia, Susan is the first to apologize to Lucy. ______________



2)      Susan wants to return to the Professor’s house because she is afraid. ___________



3)      Edmund reveals he has already been in Narnia when he tells them how to get to the lamp-post. ______________



4)      Edmund apologizes to the others, especially to Lucy. ______________



5)      When Lucy leads them to Mr. Tumnus’ cave, they find it deserted but in good shape. ______________



6)      Mr. Tumnus has been arrested by the White Witch for High Treason. __________



7)      Maugrim is the name of the Captain of the Queen’s secret police. _____________



8)      Edmund wants to go back to the Professor’s house because he realizes the White Queen is evil. ______________



9)      Lucy sees a robin with a red breast that seems to want to talk to her. ___________



          10)  Edmund tries to convince Peter that they might be heading into a trap. __________



    11)  Peter agrees with Edmund that fauns can’t be trusted. ______________



    12)  Peter isn’t concerned about where they are because he knows the way back to the Lantern Wood. ______________