Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 8: “What Happened after Dinner”




3-D image of a person or creature sculpted in stone or carved from wood

on my account

on my behalf


plan; a clever trick or scheme to outwit an enemy


to demand something; to say that something is true but not offer proof


The Jinn: created from a smokeless flame of fire; demon spirits that are hostile to humans


tool used to cut wood; small hand axe


A prediction of future events


period of time during which someone rules a nation


falling off of or into suddenly


to mute or soften or deaden a sound


to lure someone into a trap





I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 8


A.  Fill in the blanks from the vocabulary words used in this chapter. Use the context of the story to help you determine which word to use.


1)      Peter wanted to come up with a _____________________ in order to help save Mr. Tumnus.

2)      According to the _________________, everything will be right in Narnia when “Aslan comes in sight.”

3)      According to Mr. Beaver, the White Witch’s ____________________ to rule Narnia is based on the fact that she is “human”.

4)      The truth is that the White Witch is descended from the _________________ and the giants and has no drop of human blood in her veins.


5)      Lucy feels that Mr. Tumnus was arrested on her ___________________ and believes it is her responsibility to save him.

6)      During the White Witch’s ___________________ in Narnia, it has always been winter but never Christmas.


B.  Multiple Choice – Read each question, then select the best possible answer based on this chapter you have just read.  Circle the letter of your answer.


1)  What is it that Lucy most wants to discover from the beavers?                                             
            a)  what will happen to them      

b)  what happened to Mr. Tumnus

a)      where Cair Paravel is located

b)      if Aslan is a man


2)  What must they wait for if they hope to save Edmund?

      a)  a sign from him

b)  the beginning of spring

c)  a visit with Aslan

d)  the snow to stop falling


3)  Where are the children to meet Aslan?

b)      the Stone Table

c)      Cair Paravel

d)      the middle of the forest

e)      the front of the White Witch’s palace.


4)  Who is the White Witch’s mother?

      a)  a giant

      b)  a daughter of Eve

      c)  related to the dwarves

      d)  a Jinn


5)  Why was Mr. Tumnus assigned the task by the White Witch of watching for human children entering Narnia?

      a)  she wanted to close the portal between the worlds

b)  she wanted to make a deal with the children so they would never return

c)  the arrival of the children could mean her reign would come to an end

d)  she wanted to enchant them with Turkish Delight and make them her slaves


6)  Where is the castle with four thrones for the children located?                                              
            a)  High in the mountains near the White Witch’s palace

      b)  on the sea coast

                  c)  deep in the forest near the Beavers’ dam

d)  on a river near Stone Table


7)  What is Peter’s first reaction when he realizes Edmund has betrayed them?

      a)  hope he learns a lesson

      b)  start a search for him

      c)  want to send him back to the Professor’s

                  d)  yell at him



8)  How is it that Mr. Beaver is so certain Edmund has betrayed them to the White Witch?                                   
            a)  Edmund let it slip that he’d tasted Turkish Delight

      b)  Edmund kept asking questions about the location of the Witch’s palace

      c)  Lucy told him she was suspicious of him

      d)  He could tell by the look in Edmund’s eyes


9)  Why does Mrs. Beaver want to know when Edmund slipped away?                       

a)      She is concerned he might freeze to death.                                                                    
 b)  because if he left before they started talking about Aslan, the White Witch won’t be told about Aslan’s arrival in Narnia

c)   She didn’t like Edmund and hoped he would lose his way, giving them more time to escape.

      d)   She is sure that the White Witch won’t set out after them if she has one of the children.


10)  Why is it important for Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and the children to leave right away?     
a)  Mrs. Beaver believes the White Witch will set out directly from her home to capture them and turn the children to stone.

b)      Mr. Beaver wants to set a trap from the White Witch.

c)      Peter and Lucy and Susan want to reach Edmund before he gets into any more trouble.

d)      The robin has seen the Witch getting ready to leave her palace.