Narnia Vocabulary Chapter 9 – In the Witch’s House




ruins; destroys


an agreement; preparations so something can happen in the future.


provide a reason for one’s actions that make them seem more OK or at least not so bad


to figure out; calculate; determine                                   


creepy; scary; strange

dunce cap

sharp pointed hat that represents being stupid


doorway or entrance


move feet slowly along the ground without picking them up


sliding out of control across a slick surface


secret design or plan of action


large expanse of level or rolling land, usually with few trees


feel good about something often at the expense of others


towers that form a part of the exterior walls of a castle


to go forth; to set out on a risky or dangerous trip


to walk; step on


mythical creature with the head and body of a man and the ears, horns, and legs of a goat; same as faun.


to tremble without control with teeth clicking together, especially when one is very cold


mythical creature, half man and half horse



I.  Vocabulary Enrichment Activities – Chapter 9


A.  Read the following sentences and write in the vocabulary word that best completes the meaning of the sentence based on the context of the story.


1)      Edmund tried to __________________ his behavior by telling himself nothing very bad would happen to his brother and sisters.

2)      As Edmund made his way to the White Witch’s palace, he had trouble keeping his balance and found himself ___________________on the snow.

3)      After what seemed a long while, Edmund began to ___________________ because his feet were too heavy to pick up.

4)      By the time Edmund reached the White Witch’s palace, his teeth were ___________________ ; he felt the bitter cold, and he was afraid.

5)      The palace was so __________________ and frightening that Edmund would have turned back if he could, but he realized he had no choice but to _____________ on and join forces with the White Witch.

6)      When Edmund realized the __________________ in the courtyard were made of stone, he began to ________________ and jeer at them, particularly when he saw the lion.

7)      When Edmund finally reached the ___________________ to the palace, he was surprised to see a great wolf guarding the door.


B.  True or False:  Read each statement. If the statement is true, write “true” in the space; if false, rewrite the statement to make it true.


1)      Edmund wants the Witch to turn his brother and sisters into stone. ____________


2)      Deep down inside, Edmund knows that the White Witch is cruel. _____________



3)      To keep going through the cold and dark, Edmund dreams about what he will do when he becomes the King of Narnia. ___________________


4)      Edmund feels that the White Witch is very likely the victim of slander and believes she is the rightful Queen. ___________________


5)      The first thing Edmund plans to do when he becomes King is to reverse the spell that keeps Narnia always winter. ____________________


6)      When Edmund first saw the White Queen’s palace he was overjoyed and eager to go inside because he was sure of a warm welcome. __________________


7)      When Edmund first saw the figures in the courtyard, he immediately knew they weren’t dangerous. ________________


8)      When Edmund was escorted into the presence of the White Witch, she treated him kindly and offered him some Turkish Delight. ___________________


9)      The White Witch isn’t in the least bit worried that Aslan is returning to Narnia. ____________________


            10)  The White Witch rewards Edmund for his news by turning him into stone. ___________________