Scatter Plot 2009 2010

Height vs Arm Span

Master Copies wpe2DA.jpg (61652 bytes) wpe2DC.jpg (68391 bytes) The previous document is available from Mr.Roache in an interactive format.
2010 Results
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Determining Scalewpe2D1.jpg (39695 bytes) wpe2DE.jpg (64354 bytes)
Points plotted interactively.
wpe2A4.jpg (130637 bytes)
points plotted by hand
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Analyzing Trend
wpe2BE.jpg (179328 bytes)

upward trend

X=Y points from chart
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Analyzing X=Y linewpe2A8.jpg (125496 bytes)
Analyzing the line of Best Fit
X=Y from interactive
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The Line of Best Fitwpe2C1.jpg (151965 bytes) Line of Best Fit from interactive
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