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1. Using library research time and other sources complete this project.
2. Choose a bat from the “Kinds of Bats” section, or another one approved by your teacher, to research.
3. Record your draft information in your research scribbler, to later record onto the outlines provided.
4. You may work in groups, but each person is responsible for their own work.

Materials required:
bat picture
access to a stapler
construction paper for backing
Kinds of Bats (nearly 1000 species)
Townsend’s Big-eared Bat
American False Vampire
Straw-colored Fruit Bat
Greater Horseshoe Bat
Spotted Bat
Fishing Bat
Frog-eating Bat
Pallid Bat
White Bat

Directions for Assembling the Booklet

1. Cover: colour correctly and cut out the bat pattern you find and draw/trace.
2. Glue this onto construction paper for structure.
3. Using blank sheets cut to the same shape, record your answers using the data you have found in your research. Be sure to title each page with the correct heading.
4. Use the order of presentation found in the evaluation.
5. Staple these together to form a booklet of your bat.

Bat template                 Examples

Web sites:
   User ID   s1690k186
   password is password

All About Bats            UK Bats

BCI Species Profiles     Batcall Library

types of bats


   Bat Research Project
     /2 Cover: colouring, accurate pattern of your bat
     /1 your name
     /2 type of bat, scientific name
     /2 location
     /2 habitat
     /2 appearance
     /2 diet
     /2 interesting facts
     /2 resources (hard & Internet)
     /3 Grammar, spelling, etc. 
       Late deductions
     /20 Total