6R Arachnid Research Project           Hit Counter Name ____________________#__
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1. Using library research time and other sources complete this project.
2. Choose an arachnid from the “Kinds of Arachnids” section, or poster, or another one approved by your teacher, to research.
3. Record your draft information in your research scribbler, to later record onto the outlines. Create new outlines to use on your project to record the information.
4. You may work in groups, but each person is responsible for their own work.

Materials required:
-spider picture (provided)
-access to a stapler
-construction paper for backing and legs

Arachnids: Spider template
1  2  3  4  5

Kinds of Arachnids: Spiders (35 000), Ticks, Mites, Scorpions
Black Widow Spider,  Orb-web Spider, Fisher Spider,  Tarantula Spider, Funnel-Web Spider,  Trap-Door Spider, House Spider,  Water Spider, Jumping Spider,  Wolf Spider, Daddy Longlegs Spider, Wandering Spider, Crab Spider, Australian Funnel Weaver Spider, Nursery Web Spider, Black and Yellow Garden Spider, Yellow Crab Spider, Elegant Crab Spider, Water Spider, Spitting Spider, etc.
Velvet Mite, Red Fresh Water Mite
Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion, Mauritaina Scorpion, Italian Scorpion,
Mammal Soft Tick, argiope lobata
Directions for Assembling the Booklet
1. Cover: colour correctly and cut your Arachnid pattern.
2. Glue this onto construction paper for structure.
3. Using blank sheets cut to the same shape, record your answers using the data you have found in your research. Be sure to title each page with the correct heading.
4. Use the Evaluation order of presentation:
5. Staple these together to form a booklet behind your cover and in order.

Web sites:
   User ID    s1690k186       password is password

North American Spiders     Spider Information

Different Kinds of Spiders     Green Nature: Spiders

Types of Spiders       scorpions   mites

    Arachnid Research Project
      /2 Cover: colouring, construction
      /1 your name
      /2 type of Arachnid and scientific name
      /2 location and habitat
      /2 web: appearance / construction, or "home"
      /2 appearance
      /2 diet
      /2 interesting facts
      /2 resources (hard and Internet)
      /3 grammar, spelling, etc. 
        Late deductions
      /20 Total