6R  Black History Research Project: Biography


By the end of this project, you will have researched a famous Black Canadian, American, or other national, used hardcopy and technology resources as research to create a Power Point presentation about that person to share with your classmates. This process should involve all of the steps of research and writing.


The students may partner another student  for their research and Power Point.



First Step:
The students will use the library and Internet sites listed for their initial research.  They will read the information first.  Then, they will  take notes, not sentences.  This will take approximately three to four class periods. 

Second Step:
The students will then need to reread their notes.  Then, they will create an outline of the sequence of events of their person's life.  Then they will use their notes to add details and they write the report in their own words.   Please follow the requirements of the project as listed in the rubric below.


First Step:
The students will use the information from their research to create at least five Power Point slides.  Notes may be taken to guide their presentation. This should take approximately one class period.

Second Step:
The students will then use the computer to create a Power Point with the criteria as mentioned above.  Time will vary depending on previous experience with Power Point.

Suggested web sites for research: