Diversity of Life Unit

Unit Overview

Sorting Activity

Classifying Living Things

The Five Kingdoms of Living Things

Vertebrates     Animals Outlines with Backbones

Sorting the Vertebrates

Quiz on Vertebrates

Invertebrates Animals without..

An Array of Arthropods

Insects Cloze Activity     Enlarged Insects Data


Spiders: A Creepy-Crawly Culprit (handout)

Some Other Invertebrates

Living Things Test on Animals Review

Naming the Organisms

Species at Risk in Nova Scotia      Endangered Species

Classifying Plants    Cloze Activity

Plant Groups

Common Plant Characteristics

Seed Producing Plants


Let's Talk About Trees (handouts)

Parts of a Flower (overhead)

What's Blooming? and The Wonders of Wildflowers (handouts)

Non-Green Plants

Plant and Animal Dependence

Living Things Test on Plants  Review