Science Space Unit

The Sun Notes and Activity        sun video 5:25

Mars Earth Comparisons                           Our Moon PPT    cloze     notes

Moon Find It questions                     

Phases of the moon 2015 animated             lunar phases 

Moon Phases Lunar Calendar

lunar eclipse video

Lunar Eclipses in Halifax

Apollo 11 video          Saturn V model

Moon Calendar template

Moon Data

Introduction to the Earth    

Earth Introduction questions

Seasons and the Axis Tilt     Fox Trot "I'm Sick of Cold Weather"       Brain POP Leap Year    Leap Year

Seasons and Tilt questions     animation

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Sunrise, Sunset, and Day length

Solar and Lunar Eclipses notes      video 4:35

What is a Total Lunar Eclipse?

Solar and Lunar Eclipse questions

The Planets     Questions     The Planets, Canadian Space Agency    

Our Solar System

Projects: Astronaut      Solar System Model    Constellation

Find a movie introduction to meteors, comets, and asteroids here:

asteroids and comets       movie about Halley's Comet     Haley's Comet video

Meteors, meteor showers, meteorites

Constellations   A Guide to Learn About Constellations video 3:58

Solar System Short Answer Test Review