Grade 6R Country Research PowerPoint Project


Grade 6R students will be creating a research based PowerPoint on a country. Every student in the class will be assigned a different country they know little or nothing about. This PowerPoint project will be explained, organized, and worked on in class.


Students will first research their country using information gathered from books, magazines, encyclopedias, and the internet. They will research the geography, history, social structure, economy and government of that country. They will then prepare a PowerPoint presentation, which will include a title page, introduction, country information, maps, graphs, conclusion, interesting facts and a bibliography. The final project will include 13+ slides and the graphics will be computer-generated. Please see the attached information for more specific requirements. Each student will give an oral presentation on his or her chosen country using the PowerPoint project.



This packet is very important. Do not lose this information!


Use these approved site to research your country Country Research Pages/



Steps for Completing PowerPoint Project


1.     Collect resources and read about your country (you must have at least 3 different resources and at least one must be a book.)

·        Use library books, encyclopedias, magazines, computer CD-ROMs to search for information.

·        Search the internet for information (you will create a hyperlink on one of your slides to a website pertaining to your country).

·        Be sure to cite your references on the bibliography worksheet.


2.     Take Notes 

·        Use a separate index card for each sub-topic (supplied in class).

·        Write notes (words and phrases), not complete sentences.

·        Be sure not to plagiarize (copy other people’s words and use them as your own). You must rewrite information into your own words.

·        You will need to find at least five facts for each of the following categories: Geography, Social Structure, Economy, Government, and History.  Keep track of other interesting facts as you research.  You will include a slide of interesting facts that don’t belong in the other five categories

·        Index Cards

§        Geography: ___________


§        Economy & Government: ____________


§        Social Structure & History:____________


§        Interesting facts ______________


3.     Format the PowerPoint slides

·        Create all slides, titles and PowerPoint functions (see PowerPoint directions for details).


4.     Proofread first draft of slides

·        Write a one paragraph introduction to your country on the introduction slide (should be in paragraph form).

·        Take the research on your note cards and write the information in complete sentences on the appropriate slide.

·        Complete a world map and country map and put on the appropriate slides. (See PowerPoint directions for details.)

·        Complete an excel graph of the population of your country and put on the appropriate slide.  (See PowerPoint directions for details.)

·        Write a one paragraph conclusion for your country on the conclusion slide (should be in paragraph form).


5.     Animation

·        Animate the bullet point information (should not distract from presentation).

·        Add a hyperlink to an internet website that is relative to your country.

·        Add slide transitions (should not distract from presentation).


6.     Bibliography

·        Go to

·        Click on MLA

·        Select the type of resource you used.

·        Fill in the information from your “Bibliography Worksheet”

·        Click on submit

·        Cut and paste into PowerPoint document.

·        Resources should be in alphabetical order.


7.     Edit

·        Double check to see if you have completed all of the requirements (country information, links, animation…)

·        Look over to correct all spelling and grammar errors.

·        Make sure all links work correctly.


8.     Oral Presentation

·        Prepare a five minute presentation on your country using your PowerPoint.









Information on PowerPoint Slides


Research all the following information for your country and put facts (in notes form) on your index cards.  Choose five of the most interesting facts in each category to include in your PowerPoint.  Must have five bullet points per slide.


·         Map of country

·         Map of Continent showing country

·         Hemisphere(s)

·         Flag

 ·        Population (date)

·         How is this number growing over time

·         Plate

·         Longitude/ Latitude (from where to where)

·         Nearest oceans and other countries

·         Capital and major cities

·         Area: size in km2

·         Landforms (mountains, plains, desert, glaciers, rivers, lakes, seas …)

·         Natural Hazards (volcanoes, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, tornadoes)

·         Climate (rainfall, temperature ranges…)

·         Natural resources (what the land produces)

·         Environmental issues



·         Describe the major industries  (labor force) that people work in (agriculture, forestry, mining, manufacturing, fishing …)

·         Currency

·         The average income per person/family and how it effects the quality of life



·         Present type of government (democracy, monarchy, republic …)

·         Head of government (current president, king …) 

·         Interesting facts and pictures



·         Native people and ancient civilizations

·         Current history to present (last 100 years)

·         Important wars, events, leaders, colonization, exploration


Social Structure

·         Major religion(s)

·         identify visual arts, crafts, dance and music practiced in the region

·         What sports and games do they play, are they unique to the area or more global

·         Life expectancy – how long they live

·         Languages spoken

·         Education

·         Identify any human rights issues related to the Rights of Children

·         How have people who came to Canada from this country contributed to the multicultural mosaic