Discovering Nova Scotia's Settlement - Group Presentation

Following the Acadian French Settlers, there were several waves of immigration to Nova Scotia from Europe. In fact, most of our province's population can trace their roots back to one of these groups. You will be able to find the required information in the textbook, but use other sources to make your presentation more interesting.

Prepare explanations for the following questions:
1. Where did they come from? Be specific.
2. Why did they want to come to Nova Scotia?
3. Why were the ruling authorities on Nova Scotia, at the time of their arrival, interested in having them come to Nova Scotia?
4. Where did the majority of them settle?
5. How have they influenced life and culture in Nova Scotia today? (What things like place names, foods, festivals, traditions, pastimes, etc. do we have in Nova Scotia today that originated with this group?)

Relevant textbook pages:
Map 18-19
Overview 120-123
Early English 62-69
Pre-Loyalists 69-80
Loyalists 80-85
Germans 87-91
Irish 92-99
Scots 100-109                                                                                    Evaluation rubric