Welcome to Primary French Immersion! 

General Information - After Your Child Starts School You Can Help...

Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.  
It is important that your child starts off the day with a good breakfast.  He/she should bring a recess snack and drink and a nourishing lunch for his/her noon-hour meal unless your child is buying a lunch.  
Encourage your child to tell you about work he/she has brought home.  
If possible, try to establish a reading time with your child.  Read to him/her and have as many good picture books and story books on hand as possible.  
Please send a note to school after any absence.  It is an important habit to get into and will be a great help to the teacher. 
If your child needs to take a different bus home after school, please notify the teacher by note.
Try not to let your child get involved in problems that may cause him/her to worry.  A happy, contented child learns more easily than one in a poor state of mind.
A good night's rest of about ten hours is of utmost importance to your child's learning at school. 
Encourage your child to tell you about the good things that happen to him/her at school.  Your child will like school and you will be happier because he/she is happy.  



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