Welcome to Primary French Immersion! 

General Information - Alphabet Pronunciation in French

Aa Apple Bb Bay  Cc Say Dd Day
Ee uh Ff same as in English Gg Mirage + Ay Hh Ash
Ii "E' in English Jj Mirage + "E" in English Kk Caw Ll Mademoiselle
Mm same as in English Nn same as in English Oo same as in English Pp Pay
Qq Say key and form an "O" with your lips.  Rr Air Ss same as in English Tt Tay
Uu Say English "E" and form an "O" with your lips. Vv Vay Ww DooBluhvay Xx "Eeks!"
Yy English "E" + Greco Zz Zed



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