Welcome to Primary French Immersion! 

  General Information - Sample Classroom Procedure

As well as learning lots of French vocabulary and the basic concepts of the Primary level curriculum, your child will learn how to conduct himself/herself quietly, efficiently and safely in the following situations at school:

  Entering the classroom 
  Moving through the classroom 
  Following the signal for being quiet
  Listening to teacher's instructions
  Following teacher's instructions
  Getting the teacher's attention without disturbing the class
  Communicating with others 
  Taking turns
  Passing things out to students for the teacher
  Picking up things from students for the teacher
  Delivering messages and attendance to the office 
  Ordering a meal for lunch
  Taking the lunch order to the cafeteria
  Working independently
  Working with a partner
  Working in small groups
  Working in large groups
  Participating class discussions
  Going to the washroom
  Going to get a drink from the fountain
  Turning in completed homework
  Leaving the classroom 
  Moving through the hallways 
  Participating in fire drills
  Going on a field trip
  Dismissal procedure



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© Kathryn Sivret, French Immersion teacher at Digby Elementary School , Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0V 1A0