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  General Information - Madame Sivret's Supply List

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**Please mark your child's name on all items except the pencils and crayons.  Thanks

1 box of "zipper" bags - sandwich, medium or large (You name it, we lose it - earrings, teeth, watch pieces, etc.  I like to send little notes home in these bags.  They seem to get to their destination better than floating in the backpack.

1 box of Kleenex

5 large bottles of white glue

12 large glue sticks

1 box of regular crayons - 24 pack needed every few months  (Please do not buy fancy crayons.)

10 white erasers

30 orange HB pencils (These will be pooled and given out when needed)

1 large pencil case or plastic box to hold one pencil, one eraser and crayons

1 pair of scissors

1 scrapbook with metal coils

4 Hilroy notebooks without coils

2 file folders

1 coloring book (needed every few months)

10 duotangs

1 pad of construction paper (100 pages)

1 over-size shirt for painting

1 pair of indoor sneakers, with soles that won't mark the floor, for inside use and also for Gym.  Please mark your child's name on the outside of both sneakers for easy identification.  If your child cannot tie, please send VELCRO shoes for inside and outside use.

Please send an extra set of clothes (in a shopping bag marked with your child's name on it) we can keep in the class.  Sometimes we have accidents and sometimes puddles jump on us.

Optional:  $5.00 to help pay for film processing.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.

I ask for a lot of materials but whatever is not used will be returned at the end of the year as long as there is a name on it.



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