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Unit 2
Distribution of Wealth
  1. analyze how commodities that lead to economic empowerment have changed (7.2.1)
  2. investigate the various ways that economic systems empower or disempower people (7.2.2)
  3. identify and analyze trends that could impact future economic empowerment (7.2.3)
  1. Examine economies in the past (First Nations, Inuit, European settlers) 7.2.1
  1. Investigate the issues of economic security and poverty 7.2.2
  • explain that people have basic needs that must be met (Needs List Organizer, 10 points)
  • analyze the role that money plays in meeting basic needs that must be met (Money Chart)
  • explain how capital is empowering (Personal Capital Activity & Test, 10 points)
  • investigate and report on the challenges of the poverty cycle (News Article Analysis)
  1. Identify trends in economies that could affect your future 7.2.3
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