Instructor : K. Throp, Room 308
Text: 			Mathematical Modeling, Book 1 (Nelson)
				(any supplemental material will be provided) 
Required Materials:	pens, pencils, erasers, scientific calculator, 
			graph paper, math set, straight edge
Topics: (tentative order)
	Chapter 3		Patterns, Relations, Equations, and Predictions
	Chapter 4		Modeling Functional Relationships
	Chapter 5		How Far? How Tall? How Steep?
	Chapter 1		Data Management
	Chapter 6 	The Geometry of Packaging
	Chapter 7		Linear Programming
	Chapter 2		Networks and Matrices (time permitting) 
			Tests				25 %
			Quizzes				15 %
   			Exams				30 %
			Assignments			15 %
  			Project (1 per term)			10 %
			Binder Checks			 5  %     
							 100 %	
Test and Quiz Policy:
-    Tests will be given with at least 3 days advance notice.
-	Missed tests will need a written excuse in order to be written and arrangements are to be made as soon as the student returns.
-	A grade of zero will be given for tests or quizzes missed if an excuse is not provided.
Extra Help:
-	Extra help is always available. Please ask me. I am available after school most days, please let me know ahead of time. DO NOT COME IN FOR HELP THE MORNING AN ASSIGNMENT IS DUE!!!
Class Conduct Expectations:
-	Respect all members of the class at all times.
-	Be in class on time and be ready to participate. This includes having all materials with you as well as homework completed.
-	Be ready to put in a good effort to all assigned tasks including group work and individual assignments. 
-	Food and drinks other than water are not permitted in the classroom.
-	Make sure that any  garbage is put in the proper place.
-	Assignments are to be in on time. Late assignments without an excuse will have 10% taken off per day.
-	Work missed due to absence is the student's responsibility. 

*** Work outside of class time is required for this course. Periodically homework checks will be done***
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