Lockeport Regional High School

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     School Calendar     2009-2010


Thurs.     3rd           First day for students

Mon.      7th            Labour Day Holiday

Wed.       9th            Meet & Greet 6:30-7:30 pm

Fri.          11th         Student Photos    

Fri.          25th         School wide Terry Fox Walk/Run

Wed.      30th           Parliament Dance 7-10 pm


Fri.          2nd           Prof. Dev. Day for staff

Mon.      12th         Thanksgiving Day

Thurs.     22nd         St. Parliament Dance 7-10 pm

Fri.          23rd         NSTU Conf. Day (no students)



Mon.      9th            End of Term 1

Tues.      10th         School’s Remembrance Service

Wed.       11th         Remembrance Day

Wed.       18th         Report Cards home

Thurs      19th         Parent/Teacher Conf.

                                1-3 & 6-7:30 pm

Thurs.     26th         Class of 2010 dance 7-10 pm

Mon.      30th         Regional Inservice (no students)



Thurs.     17th         Christmas Dance 7-10 pm

Fri.          18th         Last day of classes before Xmas



Mon.      4th            First day back for students

Mon.      18th         Prov. Dev. For staff

Thurs.     21st          End of Term 2

Fri.          22nd         Exam day

Mon       25th         Exam day

                                NS Provincial Exam – Math

Tues.      26th         Exam day

                                NS Provincial Exam – English

Wed.       27th         Exam day

Thurs.     28th         Make up Exam day

Fri.          29th         Change Over Day (no students)



Mon.      1st            First day of Semester 2 (Day 1)

Fri.          5th            Prov. Dev. Day for staff

Tues.      9th            Report cards home

Wed.       10th         Jr. High Parent/Teacher 6-8:pm

Thurs.     11th         Valentine’s Dance 7-10 pm

 22nd -     25th         Jr. High Language Arts  Eval.



Mon.      15th         First Day of March Break

Fri.          19th         Last Day of March Break



Fri.          2nd           Good Friday

Mon.      5th            Easter Monday

Thurs.     15th         End of Term

Fri.          16th         Prof. Dev. Day for staff

Thurs.     22nd         Student Parliament Dance 7-10 pm

Wed.       28th         Report Cards Home

Thurs.     29th         Parent/Teacher Conf.

                                1-3 & 6-7:30 pm



Fri.          21st          Prof. Dev. Day (no students)

                                Greenwave Club Trip

Mon.      24th         Victoria Day Holiday



Fri.          4th            Prof. Dev. Day for Staff

Wed.       16th         Exam Day

Thurs.     17th         Exam day

Fri.          18th         Exam day

Mon.      21st          Exam day

                                Prom 7-10 pm

Tues.      22nd         Make Up Exam Day

Wed.       23rd         Marking & Evaluation Day              

Thurs.     24th         Marking & Evaluation Day

Fri.          25th         Marking & Evaluation Day

Mon.      28th         Gr. 7-11 Closing 8:45 am

Graduation 1:00 ?

                                Safe Grad activities tba




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