Lockeport Regional High School

PreCalculus Mathematics 12

Mr. Peterson

Course Outline


Textbook:                 Mathematical Modelling Book 4 (Nelson)


Units of Study:         Sequences and Series

-         Recursive Relations and Sequences

-         Proof by Induction

-         Limits

Developing a Function Toolkit I

-         Combinations and Compositions of Functions

-         Polynomials and Inequalities

-         Limits, Rate of Change, Tangents and Applications

-         Derivatives

Developing a Function Toolkit II

-         Rational Functions and Asymptotes

-         Irrational Functions

-         Absolute Value Functions

-         Piecewise Functions

-         Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


-         Circular and Periodic Motion

-         Trigonometric Functions

-         Matrices

-         Trigonometric Identities and Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Complex Numbers

-         Number Systems and Complex Numbers

-         Polar Coordinates


Tentative Evaluation (Subject to change with appropriate notice)

            Tests                          35%                (50% term)

            Quizzes                      20%                (30% term)

            Assignments             15%                (20% term)

            Exam                         30%


Required Materials

            Students will need for the course looseleaf graph paper binder pencils only scientific calculator (as you are not always permitted TI-83)