The Drug Dope Show

Students work in teams using a "talk show" format to research drug types, the addiction/recovery processes, and effects of drug abuse on society, family, friends, work, school, etc. You will also explore techniques for resisting peer pressure.

Beginning Questions:
1. How widespread do you feel the drug problem is?

2. How does today's drug use compared to that of 10 years ago? 20 years ago?

3.      Why do you feel drug use is so prevalent?


4.      What are possible reasons why people begin using drugs?


5.      Once someone is addicted to drugs, what controls the addiction? The user, or the drug itself?


You will be presenting a talk show entitled “The Drug Dope Show”

Each group will have one of the following drug topics to research:

Each group will be responsible for the facts involving their assigned drug, such as street names, forms, short-term and long-term effects on the body, and treatment. Groups will also explore addiction and recovery process in general, and the effects of drug abuse on society, family, friends, work, school, etc.

Each group will also be responsible for role-playing at least 3 drug-involved situations in which a different type of positive peer pressure is used. Possible situations include:


Classroom Assessment:

Score student work as a combination of individual and group assessment, according to the following 100 point scale:

·         Addressed the category and forms of the drug, and how it is taken: 15 points

·         Addressed street or common names of the drug: 10 points

·         Addressed other drugs within the same category: 10 points

·         Addressed short-term and long-term effects on the body: 10 points

·         Addressed the addiction and recovery process: 15 points

·         Presented 3 positive peer-pressure role-plays: 15 points

·         Completed well-prepared, interesting presentation: 15 points

·         Contributed to group effort: 10 points



Note: Wikipedia is not a valid reference