Français de Base

The mark for this class is divided up as follows:

  • Oral Communication  40%
  • Reading and Comprehension  25%
  • Writing   25%
  • Participation  10%

** Second term there is an exam worth 30% (this is an oral exam)


Material needed:


  • Two Duo-tangs (1 Blue and 1 Red)

  • Pens and pencils

  • Lots of loose-leaf

  • Markers, pencil crayons, ruler, glue, etc. (these supplies can be left in locker until needed for projects)



This is primarily an oral class. The teacher models a new sentence and the students adapt the sentence to suit them. Reading and writing is minimal and basic to not overwhelm students with a second language.  The emphasis is put on basic sentence structure and FUN!

Extra help is available upon request.


    The Outcomes:   

Avant la fin de la 9ième année, l'élève devrait être capable de: