Physical Education

Letter to Parents:

                         For safety and comfort students are required to have proper footwear and clothing suitable for physical activity. Non- marking sneakers, T-shirt, shorts, and sweats would be acceptable. There will be no homework in Physical Education. However, students are asked to come to class prepared to respect the rules, respect their opponents, respect the officials and their decisions, give everyone a chance to participate regardless of ability, and to maintain self control at all times. I'm looking for all students to be prepared to participate with their very best effort!                           The 4-6 Co-Ed soccer team tryouts were held this past week with a total of 29 students taking part. A very special thanks to all those students who came to the practices! A schedule of games will be given out as soon as it is made available. The final tournament  will be held in Pubnico at the end of October. The dates have not been fixed as of yet. I'll let the players know as soon as I know more.

                            The new 3-6 ice hockey season will be starting up in October. I'll have more information about this in the next couple of weeks as well. The goal of school hockey is to allow everyone the chance to play and have fun. There are no stats kept and the score doesn't matter. Students who wish to be on the team  automatically are allowed to play. They do need to have all the proper equipment required for ice hockey. We play 2-3 times per month. The cost per player will be between 5 and 7 dollars, depending on the number of students we have. If you have any questions , please feel free to contact me anytime. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!