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Guidelines for urban development with groundwater dimension


Aquatic Websites

http://www.qc.ec.gc.ca/faune/atlasterreshumides/html/classification_e.html (Wetland classification)
http://www.biologycorner.com/worksheets/succession.html (Worksheets)
http://www.ekcsk12.org/faculty/jbuckley/regbio/ecologyqz2.html (Worksheets)
http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mnh/nature/nhns/topics.htm (Fact sheets)
http://www.fluvarium.ca/education.php?edu=kids (Quizzes)
http://www.seanet.com/~leska/Online/Guide.html (Aquatic Invertebrates)
http://www.esu7.org/~waterqweb/Macro_inverts/index.html (Water quality rating)
http://www.speciesatrisk.ca/municipalities/sar_ns.htm (Species at Risk)
http://www.kywater.org/ww/bugs/intro.htm (Benthic Insect ID key)
http://people.virginia.edu/~sos-iwla/Stream-Study/StreamStudyHomePage/StreamStudy.HTML (Aquatic invertebrates and water quality)
http://www4.agr.gc.ca/AAFC-AAC/display-afficher.do?id=1187631191985&lang=eng (Riparian vegetation)
http://www.makingmorefromsheep.com.au/protect-your-assets/tool_5.4.htm (Agriculture Riparian Zone Assessment)




NS Wilderness Areas Q & A

Towards a water management strategy (PDF document)

Trees of Nova Scotia

Natural Resources Woodlot Management Course

Wildlife Habitat and Watercourses Protection Regulations slide presentation

Species at Risk (You must know the NS list)

Nova Scotia Forest Soil Types, pdf



April 2007

 The Provincial Envirothon trophy resides once again at Digby Regional High School. The team of Miranda MacLean, Shawn Oliver, Kelly Thompson, Casie Tidd and Kayla Tidd captured the top honour by edging CEC of Truro by one point in the overall score. The competition was held at the Tim Horton Centre in Tatamagouche, April 19-21. DRHS won the second round oral presentation and placed first in the wildlife category on the way to victory. It was a grueling competition with field testing in the topics of forestry, wildlife, soils, aquatics and the main topic, alternative/renewable energy. The veterans Miranda, Shawn and Kelly were well complemented by rookies Casie and Kayla.  All team members have improved their presentation skills over the year. The wildlife and forestry workshops and wind turbine field trip before the competition must have paid off as the team did well in those areas.  The team was accompanied to Tatamagouche by advisors, Amanda Deane, Diane Thibodeau and Craig Thibodeau.

 Team DRHS now becomes Team Nova Scotia representing the province at the Canon Envirothon in Geneva, New York from July 29 to Aug. 4.  This makes the eighth time since 1998 DRHS has represented the province at the international competition. To summarize: 1998 in Michigan, 1999 in California, 2000 in Wolfville, N.S., 2002 in Massachusetts (finished 10th in North America), 2003 in Maryland (finished 10th in North America), 2005 in Missouri, 2006 in Winnipeg, and now 2007 in New York.  Current team members Shawn, Miranda and Kelly have been on the team each of the last three years.  Shawn graduates this year taking this wealth of experience to Mount Alison University where he will study music and math. Next year, Miranda, Kelly, and Casie will be in grade 12 while Kayla will be a grade 10 student – a strong team for sure. Grade 8 team member Morgan Geauvreau will be in grade 9 and eligible to join the competitive team. The future looks promising!

 Meanwhile, the team continues to meet Tuesdays and Thursdays and soils, forestry and aquatics workshops are on the horizon.  Each team member has been given a CD of 2007 Canon Envirothon study resources, provided by the New York committee.  There are literally volumes and volumes of material for them to learn. They have taken on the task enthusiastically.  In addition, they have practiced their oral presentation (competition winning presentation from Tatamagouche) skills in front of parents and two members of the board of directors of the local wind power company Bay Windfields. This company is now on board as a major sponsor, providing the team with $2300 to help with travel expenses and team shirts. Fundraising is going smoothly, with Nova Scotia Power Inc. contributing $1000 and the Nova Scotia Forestry Association $2000.  Local sponsors have also chipped in and the team, has packed groceries and had a fudge sale.  

 The advisor team traveling to Geneva will be different than the last year’s Winnipeg team. The Thibodeau’s have a new baby girl!!! Kaleigh was born June 17, so Greg Turner and Amanda Deane will share advisor duties.  The team will leave July 27 and travel by van to Geneva, taking in sites along the way as they meander through the Green and White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. It will be an exciting, memorable time!!

For More information on how the DRHS team did in Tatamagouche , click the link below and follow the links to the Canon Envirothon.

Nova Scotia Forestry Associaton


For information on Envirothon and links to the Nova Scotia sponsor, the Nova Scotia Forestry Association, visit this website: http://envirothon.org/

A DRHS Envirothon reunion will be held during Scallop Days week (exact days and times TBA) next summer (August, 2008). Spread the word and join the DRHS Envirothon Facebook group to get updates. All DRHS Envirothon alumni and current members are invited (1994-2008).


The DRHS Envirothon Team captured the 2006 Provincial Championship May 13 in Tatamagouche. As a result the team of Max Hersey, Miranda MacLean, Shawn Oliver, Kelly Thompson and Meghan Geauvreau represented Nova Scotia at the Canon Envirothon in Winnipeg, July 23-29.  Team advisors are Amanda Dean, Diane Halliday and Craig Thibodeau.
Well done!!!


The DRHS Envirothon Team captured the 2005 Provincial Championship in Tatamagouche in April. As a result, the team represented Nova Scotia at the Canon Envirothon in Springfield, Missouri from July 17-24. The team raised over $7000 to be able to take the trip. It was a remarkable (sweltering) experience!!  The photo below shows the team on a learning day at the Aquatics station.



At Fantastic Caverns, near Springfield, Missouri, team members Meghan Geauvreau, Stephanie Amero, Kelly Thompson, Shawn Oliver and Miranda MacLean listen as an aquatics expert explains the types of aquatic insects found in the stream in the background.