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As Principal at Forest Ridge Academy I feel privileged to have this opportunity to work within this community of learners. The education of our young people is an important job which requires a strong effort from many sources. First the parents and community members, who send their children to this school, must support and be seen to support our efforts. I am happy to say that the communities that surround our school, from Baccaro to Oak Park and from Sherose Island to Clyde River, are united in their support of our efforts.

The teaching staff here at Forest Ridge is one of the best I have ever worked with. Their dedication to our students is without question above and beyond the call of duty. The time and effort they give to their students reflects in the quality education our children are receiving. And finally the students themselves. We are truly fortunate to have children who are eager to learn and willing to support their peers. Their positive attitude and willingness to participate in their education is a testimony to the support they feel from their home and from their teachers.

Principal's Award Class of the Month Award