Art Lesson Sheets

Self Portrait Reflection

Flip-Book Portraits

Spaghetti House


Disguise the Turkey

Cut Out Turkey

Hands and Feet Turkey

Bouquet of Thanks

Fall Wreath

Walk through Leaves

Give Me a Hug


Things That Make Us Want to Scream

Create a Jack-O-Lantern

Name That Skeleton

Haunted House

Two-Faced Terror

Gruesome Ghost

View from a Fox Hole

T-Shirt Remembrance

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

The Rowing Team

Large Snowflake

Journey to Bethlehem

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

The Christmas Concert

Acadian Christmas

Tin Can Santa  PPT

Hand Cut Wreath

Advent Santa Calendar

Jolly Jumping Jack


Oil Cloth Design

Wood Cutting

Kente Pattern

Collecting Sap


Heart Art

Pop-up Valentine Heart Garden

Valentine Puppy Puppet

Construction Paper pic for envelope

Thinking of You

Stone House

The Tropical Bundle

The Log Jam

T Shirt Examples

Hieroglyphics   Decode sheet  Problem

The Movie Queue

Plasticine Pictures

Easter Finery

Tetra pak

About Me T-Shirt Design

Tin Foil Art


Cross Hatching with colored pencils

Coloring Techniques

Rhythm people

Self-portrait Abstract

Radial Name Tutorial

Clay Illuminated Letters

Pastel Reflections Trees   Examples

Georgia O'Keeffee - Abstract