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Unit 1 

Program for lesson 1

Input/Output Machines Template

Program for lesson 2         pattern pic

Video on finding input/output solutions

expression - equation difference video

Using a variable to describe and input/output table video

How to find Recursive Patterns

Make Solve My Pattern Activity

Patterning game, pick difficulty: FunBrain Number Cracker:

lesson 3:

Divisibility Rules   PowerPoint

Divisibility game:

grade-6-divisibility-rules practice IXL

Divisibility of a Number video on YouTube

Math Rocks, Divisibility Rules video

Divisibility Rules Song

Divisibility         Divisibility Handout

Program for lesson 4  

Program for lesson 5

Unit 1 Number Patterns Test Review

Unit 2

Squares of Fortune

Factors to 100

The Mega Penny Project

Multiplication Grid

Partial Algorithm based on the Multiplication Grid

Multi-Number Multiplication Practice

Multi-Number Multiplication Matching

Interim Estimate Algorithm Division

Prime and Composite Numbers

Unit 2 test review

Unit 3 

Measuring and Drawing Angles

Triangles lesson 2 explore

Triangles Sum of the Angles sheet 2

Diagonals worksheets

Dot Paper 1cm square

Quadrilaterals Blank  Quad Answers

Quadrilaterals diagonals Properties  
1     2     3     kites    kite answers

Quadrilateral Qualities Inventory

Lesson 3, page 83, #2, instruction/ex.

3.17 Step by Step 4 pics

Orthographic Drawing

Orthographic Drawing Paper

Orthographic Drawing Activity

Cross-Sectional Work

Planes of Symmetry PPT

Planes of Symmetry Quiz

Planes of Symmetry Intro (incomplete)

Planes of Symmetry activity sheet

Cube Planes of Symmetry

Test Review

Unit 4 Decimals

Test Review

Unit 5

Smarties Index

Ordered Pairs links

Scatter Plots

Unit 6

cubes in a box

Test Review

Unit 7

Transformational Geometry Programs



Unit 8

Fraction Model 2

Fractions Preview multilevel:

Unit 9

Everything You Wanted to Know About Area and Perimeter: