Smarties Sheets

Smarties Estimate Actual Table, page 1

Smarties Pictograph page 2 with sample

Smarties Ratio Table, page 3

Smarties Colour Table, page 4

Smarties Data Table, page 5

Types of Averages Information, page 6

Smarties Averages Worksheet, page 6

Smarties Tally Chart and Frequency Table

Smarties Introduction to Probability  

Probability at

The Coin Toss Experiment

2 Sheets on Probability

Smarties Averages Worksheet

activity sheets: Up in the Sky   Colorful Kites

types of graphs     PPT

Double Line Graph PPT

Double Line Graph Assignmentdouble_line_graph_6r.htm

How to Make a Stem and Leaf Plot (Double)     Actual Examples

Template for Double Stem and Leaf Plot work

How to Make a Bar Graph (Double)

Smarties Group Double Bar Graph, page 7

My Smarties % Circle Graph, page 8

My Group Smarties Circle Graph, page 9

My Smarties Circle Graph Pg 9a

Smarties 10 X 10 and Circle Graph

Smarties Averages Own and Group

Smarties Test 1 Review   Test 2 Review

Ordered Pairs Worksheet and Activity online

Looking for the Top Quark Game

Jefferson Lab

Scatter Plot, Height vs Arm Span 2010


Smarties are milk chocolate discs 8mm across and 3.5mm thick in the middle, coated in a crisp sugary shell and come in many colours.

If you live in the USA you know Smarties as a different product entirely to the rest of us.   This is because the UK company Rowntree's sold the Smarties name to an American company a long time ago. This is WHY you can't get what the rest of the world call "Smarties" in the USA - unless you buy from on of the firms with links later on this page.   To see what Smarties means to someone from the USA, visit their web site:

Throughout the world (except Canada), they are normally sold in brightly decorated cardboard tubes about 15cm long by 13mm diameter, with removable plastic caps, also in a variety of colours (currently 4).

   In Canada, Smarties are sold in boxes, not tubes.


Smarties Net, Surface Area, and Volume

Smatties Ordered Pairs Activity