Nova Scotia Settlers Timeline Social Studies Assignment  

Purpose: To record the significant events in the settlement of Nova Scotia.

1. Following the pattern used in your textbook, prepare a timeline on a long strip of paper. You may choose to orient the dates and information either horizontally or vertically.
2. Use a different colour, for both the dates and events, for each of the six main groups of settlers to Nova Scotia:
French (Acadian) Irish German
English Scottish Blacks
3. Include all of the following dates and the corresponding event for each:
1497, 1534, 1605, 1621, 1632 (twice), 1713, 1749 (twice), 1750 (twice), 1753, 1755, 1759, 1761, 1763, 1765 (twice), 1772, 1773, 1783 (twice), 1786, 1796, 1812, 1827, 1830
4. Decorate around your timeline with symbols representing each of these six cultural groups. You must have at least two for each. Include things such as flags, coats of arms, plants, food, tools, clothes (including uniforms), etc.

Due date:                                                                                                                                             SW/sr

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