Grade 6R curriculum

This page currently contains a limited amount of information. It is designed to give you the parent and student information that may be helpful to you for reference, lessons, projects, etc.


Literature Circle

 Independent Novel

Mouse and the Motorcycle

Narnia Questions


Living Things
Flight Technology


Social Studies

  Nova.Scotia.Settlers Timeline

Christmas PP project

Christmas Then & Now           Venn

Nova Scotia Settlement Presentation


Canada's Pop. Clock

Black History Biography Project


Change the World essay and speech

Speech Rubric


Country Research Project Index


Culture Quest Text


Language Arts

Poetry Rules
Narrative writing prompts

Sentence Building

The Writing Process

Halloween Vocabulary

Writing a Primary Book  

Writing a Book Buddy Book Index
December Poems and Interview

Writing Examples for each grade

Persuasive Writing

Comic Strip Creation

Speech Rubric

Checklist for Effective Speechmakiing

Descriptive Writing

Rebus writing

Important Things about Posters

Narrative Rubric

blackboard, calculate, education, math, school iconMath Makes Sense  

metric system



Unit 2  Number Patterns 

Smarties sheets

Multiplication Model Grid

Extended Multiplication and Division

to a DARE site

click for graduation pictures  May 04

April 27, 2006

DARE 2009 2010


GrowLab Index


Art Lesson sheets

Art in the Garden

Art in Parking Lot 

Tetra Pack


Vocabulary Tests

Huey and Louie Meet Dewey

HA Library Map

bat or arachnids or sharks
Animal  Powerpoint

Black History

Christmas, Black History, and Animals
Index page

'Tween Health

About Me T-Shirts

Pink Shirt messages

PFD Safety
Cold Water Survival
PFD Poster Project

Colourful Messages

Human Body 4 systems lg
Human Body Fact Sheet

The Skin diagram

The Brain diagram

The Story of Stress

Five Steps to Fighting Stress

What and Why Sleep

What Person in This Group

Fire Escape Plan rubric

Tobacco Unit

Tobacco Comic Strip   Rubric

Tobacco 3 projects and rubrics

Depression Unit

  Writing Activities

Valentine Cinquain   rubric

Write a Primary Book

Create an Invention

Friendly Letter Rubric

Problem of the Week

Bar Codes



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