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School Calendar 2016-2017



Mon 5th  - Visit SRHS am

Thurs. 8th       - CL Day Students Dismiss at 1:25 pm

Thurs. 15th        Fieldtrip to Halifax

Mon 19th  -  afternoon entertainment

Wed. 21st    - HAPSAT trip to Upper Clements

Thurs. 22nd      - Field Day

Fri. 23rd      - Alternate Field Day

Tue. 27th     - Classification/Grading Day/Gr. 6 Closing 6:30 (students arrive 6 pm)

Wed. 28th    - Classification/Grading Day

Thurs. 29th     - Classification/Grading Day

Fri 30th       - Last Day of School P-5


Morning Entry Routine
Students who arrive at school at 8:35 or later, are to enter the building and go directly to the cafeteria or to their classroom.  If lunch is

being purchased, students are to proceed to the cafeteria to pay for their lunch and then walk to their classroom.  Students who are not purchasing lunch are to walk directly to their classroom.  Snacks will still be available at recess in the cafeteria.  There will no longer be playground time in the morning.


Change in Cafeteria Routine for 2011 - 2012

     We will no longer provide students with the opportunity to heat their lunch in a microwave.  This decision has come about as a result of the heavy use of the microwaves causing them to malfunction.  As well it has taken a considerable amount of time for cafeteria staff to heat up the number of pre-packaged and prepared meals brought from home.  If you want your child to eat a hot meal from home, you will be required to put it in a thermos.

     Of course, we will continue to serve meals prepared by our Cafeteria Staff.  We are now providing options for our students.  A sandwich, and a soup or salad, is now a lunch option to what is on the regular menu each day.

     Unfortunately, due to rising costs there is an increase in the price of lunch - $3.75.


Lunch times:   P-1Lunch 12:15 12:35;      2-3Lunch 12:35-12:55:      4-6 Lunch 1:05-1:25

Students are to remain in the cafeteria for the duration of their 20 minute eating time.  This will discourage students from quickly eating and/or discarding their lunches.