Types of graphs PPT    PPT2

Stem and Leaf Plots:

How to make a Stem-and-Leaf Plot     How to Powerpoint
Smarties Double Stem-and-Leaf Plot 2004-05

How to Make a Stem and Leaf Plot (Double) Actual Examples

Template for Double Stem and Leaf Plot work

Line Graphs:

Double Line Graph PPT

Double Line Graph Assignmentdouble_line_graph_6r.htm

Scatter Plots:

How to make a Scatter Plot

Scatter Plot PPT       PPT2

Height vs Arm Span Activity 1       Monopoly Activity 2

Scatter Plot, Height vs Arm Span 2010     

Scatter Plot Activity Rubric

Bar Graphs:

How to Make a Bar Graph (Double)

How to make a Double Bar Graph

Double Bar Graph Assignment Temperatures

Smarties Group Double Bar Graph, page 7

Circle Graphs:

My Smarties % Circle Graph, page 8

My Group Smarties Circle Graph, page 9

Smarties Group Circle Graph 6R 201-

Smarties 10 X 10 and Circle Graph

Smarties Averages Own and Group

Coordinate Planes:

PPT 1        PPT 2       PPTCDN1

Ordered Pairs Worksheet and Activity online

Looking for the Top Quark Game

Jefferson Lab

PPT Battlegraph   PPT Battlegraph CDN


Test 2 Review